Mobile Phone & Tablet – New & Refurbished – Sell & Trade-in & Upgrade

Got an old phone, tablet, laptop or any other electronic device lying around the house? Did you know that old device could be worth something?
Even if the device is unusable, damaged or broken, we still might be interested in it and it could still count towards the upgrade you’ve been after.

If you are planning to upgrade your smartphone or any other electronic device but worry about the steep price tag, trade-ins are a great way to knock down the cost of the upgrade you are after. You could literally save hundreds of euros depending on the device you are trading in.

Heres how it works

  1. Bring your old, damaged, broken, unusable device into our store.
  2. We will inspect the device. We take note of the device brand, model, age and condition.
  3. We will offer you an amount which can be put towards a newer upgrade of any device that we sell.
  4. If you agree, we take your old device and you add the difference to purchase the upgrade.
  5. You go home very happy with the new upgrade you’ve been after for a long time.

Call into us today

Call into us in-store today and find out how much those old electronic devices you have lying around are worth towards a new upgrade!