TFO Compressed Gas Can


◦ Odorless
◦ Does not leave traces
◦ Suitable for all types of Electronic Equipment


TFO Compressed Gas Can

The TFO Compressed Gas is perfect for cleaning, removing dust from electrical equipment, keyboards, laptops, inside the computer case. A special applicator allows you to reach hard-to-reach places. It does not leave any traces. Odorless.


Brand TFO TelForce One
Type Compressed Gas
Size 400ml/600ml
Suitable For – Laptops
– Computer Cases
– Keyboards
– Computer Parts
– Cameras
– Electrical Equipment
Application Method 1. Hold the can in the upright position.
2. DO NOT SHAKE before using.
3. Make sure all electrical equipment is powered off and disconnected
before using.
Condition New
Warranty Manufacturer’s Warranty
Contents 1 x TFO Compressed Gas

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400ml, 600ml