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Got a great game that’s stopped working? Music CD that skips at the breakdown? DVD disc read error? Call in-store now with your damaged discs. We are now offering customers the chance to repair their damaged CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray™ discs!

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This service is a professional level rebuffering that rebuilds the disc’s surface to remove the scratches, making your disc play like it’s brand new. In some instances, where the scratches are particularly deep, the scratch may still be visible after the rebuffering process. However, this does not reduce the effectiveness of the service and the disc will play like normal.

The disc repair service is performed in-store. It takes approx 10 minutes to repair one disk, so discs can be repaired while you wait.

€5 per disc
€4 per disc (5 discs+)

Please Note:
There are, in some cases, discs that do not respond well to the rebuffing process, which can cause the disc to become unreadable, entirely. This is an extremely rare occurrence. In any such situation, Techmarket accepts no liability or responsibility for the damaged disc as there is no way in telling how each disc will respond.  The original fee will still apply in this case. Please be aware of this when using this service.

Discs cannot be repaired in the following circumstances;

  • Excessive scratching: Scratches too deep or numerous may affect the ability to repair it. Approx 95% of discs can be repaired.
  • Cracks: Typically start from the inside out.
  • Dents: Indentations or chips at the edge of the disc, caused by blunt force
  • Warping: The disc being bent or otherwise distorted out of shape. Usually due to heat damage.
  • Foil Damage: Damage on the label side of the disc. If you can see light all the way through, the disc is likely unrepairable.
  • Layer separation: Excessive heat or bending can see layers separate. Check to see if the colour of the disc has altered from the usual silver/gold/blue.