Dell Latitude Series 65W Laptop Power Supply Charger


This new laptop battery charger is ideal to use as a replacement for your Dell Latitude Series Business Laptop, or as a second adapter to use at work or at home.

◦ Output Voltage 19.5V
◦ Output Amperage 3.34A
◦ Output Power 65W
◦ Charging Pin 7.4mm x 5.0mm
◦ CE and ROHS Certified


Replacement 65W Laptop Charger for Dell Latitude Series Laptop Computers
(19.5V, 65W, 3.34A)

It’s a fact of life that your DELL laptop charger will get mislaid or even damaged over time. It’s all too easy to leave that charger behind you as you leave the meeting room, hotel room or office. Friction and repeated use can also wreak havoc on the protective casing, exposing the wires or causing them to come apart from the connector. That’s both unsafe and frustrating.

With this high quality replacement laptop charger, you’ll always be powered up and ready to work, browse or game. It’s compatible with Dell Latitude Series of Laptops.


Type Non-OEM Replacement Laptop Charger
Input Voltage 100-240V ~ 2A  50/60Hz
Output Voltage 19.5V ~ 3.34A 65W
Connector Type 7.4mm x 5.0mm
  • Overvoltage, High temperature, and Short-Circuit Protection
  • Electrically and Mechanically Safe
  • European Safety Standards Approved
  • CE and ROHS Certified
Compatible Laptop Models
  • Dell Latitude 100L Series
  • Dell Latitude 120L Series
  • Dell Latitude 131L Series
  • Dell Latitude E4200 Series
  • Dell Latitude E4300 Series
  • Dell Latitude X300 Series
  • Dell Latitude XT Series
  • Dell Latitude XT2 Series
European Safety Standards CE and ROHS Certified
Condition Brand New
Warranty 90 Days
Comes with 1x New Dell Latitude Series Laptop Power Supply Charger

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